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Friday, November 5, 2010

Apple Ipod Touch! Giveaway!

I've taken "Living on Love and Giveaway's" words and posted below. This is a wonderful chance to win an Apple Ipod Touch!!! And there are several ways to get in more than one entries.

How many of you have been wanting an Ipod but not able to work it in the budget? Well I was lucky enough to get one for my birthday and I also got an Iphone but I only need one, so why not share the wealth. Everyone who enters has a chance to win and I think this will be either a great Christmas gift or even just a nice present to yourself. It is still brand new never been opened and ready for tons of music to be uploaded! It is 8GB has a 3.5 in screen and is beautiful. You can do face time with it which I think is awesome and I have done this on my Iphone so yes it is great. I am able to be at home and call my dad with face time and he can see his granddaughter which makes all of us happy! Maybe those of you away from home these holidays will be able to still see your loved ones. Also this has a total of 4 winners so go ahead and leave some entries!

One reader will win a 8GB Apple Ipod Touch! And 3 winners will win a $10 Itunes Card
SO run over to: Living on Love and Giveaways website and begin your chances!!!